Preparing Crossing Opportunities and Finishing from the Box

This complex soccer finishing exercise focuses on combination play, crossings, finishing against a defender in a match-like situation in the box and specific defending skills against crosses. This soccer drill also emphasises the cooperation of players in a combination play and between the winger and the strikers in the box.

Published: 29.08.2013.
Last updated: 21.06.2017.
Category: Soccer Drills - Soccer Finishing Drills
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Age Age: 14 - 20+
Difficulty Difficulty: 4
Space Space: Half Field
Keeper Keeper: 2,3,4
Players Players: 14 - 18
Individual + Team Team


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Two goals are placed as shown. Two areas in front of the goals are marked. Cones are used to mark players' positions and sticks are placed to draw passing channels on the flank as shown. Players are split into three groups.

Defenders are placed next to the goals and come into the box in turn against two attackers. Attackers position themselves to E positions and work in pairs. Strikers attack the two goals by turns. Players on the flank are in positions A,B,C and D. Players change continuously in this group.

Players can change their roles and positions after a determined number of repetition according to their positions.

The soccer drills are performed to both directions in turn.

Description and Graphics

The combination play on the flank is started by the player in Position A.

Focus is laid on the performance of the combination play, the correct rhythm, passing cooperations, timing of runs and penetrating passes to the player who crosses the ball into the box.

Attackers in positions E run into the box by crossing their movements and try to run into a free space to get the crossing and finish with a goal.

The defender comes into the box and tries to defend against the two strikers, clear the crosses, block the shots or attack the strikers when they receive the ball.

The soccer drill continues with the same rules to the other direction and players have a resting period.

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