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At PSD, we believe the soccer training should be challenging, enjoyable and full of decisions.
There is always a better way for coaches to train their players. 
We're obsessively passionate about creating, testing and sharing new soccer drills and training sessions as very important elements of soccer coaching besides a lot of crucial skills.
We are excited to make coaching easier and help trainers by giving new ideas with our soccer exercises, practices and training plans.


Zoltan Koller FOUNDER & MD

KZ As the managing director of the company, he sets strategy and direction, besides he is also responsible for the daily operations, including the professional content of the site, innovation and creating new soccer coaching tools.
He maintains relations with professional and amateur clubs.
Zoltan holds his UEFA 'A' Licence since 2007.

You could describe him as an expert of soccer coaching, a passionate fan of Juventus FC and he's a master of the Italian food.

Zoltan Szekeres FOUNDER & EDITOR

Zoltan co-founded PSD with Zoltan Koller back in 2011 and now guides the company’s professional section.
As an expert in soccer coaching and professional softwares he is responsible for the professional content of the site, the visualization of the exercises, focusing on innovation and creating new soccer coaching tools.
Zoltan holds his UEFA 'A' Licence since 2007. He has a 12 years experience in soccer coaching.

You could describe Zoltan as a passionate soccer coach, leader-type, amateur tennis player, president of his local soccer club, guiding more than 100 sportsman.


BP IT engineer, responsible for coordinating IT developments.
He supports PSD to achieve its goals of serving the world's football coaches at the highest level online.

He is not competent in soccer coaching, but he is a passionate guitar player and horse rider.

Meet The Team


Meet The Team

As active trainers we understand that as football coaches we have to continuously work to develop our training skills in order to help equip our football players with the most modern methods, therefore ensuring that they make the improvements that will help them to reach their potential. After participating in several soccer trainings and professional courses, we determined that we needed to deepen and widen our knowledge in practice. We visited many soccer training sessions lead by professional teams to see what valuable ideas we could glean in order to incorporate their best practical methods into our trainings. We wanted to learn from the top most skilled soccer coaches…(Arsene Wenger, Carlo Ancelotti, Jürgen Klopp, Josep Guardiola, Unai Emery..). We had the chance to see a lot of new soccer drills that greatly increased the effectiveness of our training sessions. With the knowledge we gained, we were able to adopt and create new methods and football drills much faster and easier into our work. As a result our training sessions became more diverse. We did in depth studies of how the top teams’ play, we drew conclusion on the reasons of their success based on their applied play systems and we observed the main characteristics in both their defensive and offensive play.



Coaches from More Than 100 Countries Use the Service of PSD



Coaches from More Than 100 Countries Use the Service of PSD

Our website has been launched in 2011 in order to help coaches and players through innovative and professional soccer drills and full HD video contents. The exercises have already been tested, applied and put into practice by professional soccer coaches. The methods can also be adopted into your training sessions partly or fully to reach your set goals.

We are very proud of our worldwide community.

Join us and build together the future of this beautiful game.


The Milestones of Pro-SoccerDrills.com


The Milestones of Pro-SoccerDrills.com

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