Awareness and Connection Between Two Players

Developing passing and receiving, feinting and shooting skills.
The soccer finishing drill also emphasises developing cooperation between players, awareness and combination play.

Published: 03.02.2011.
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Age Age: 12 - 20+
Difficulty Difficulty: 4
Space Space: Quarter
Keeper Keeper: 1,2,3
Players Players: 6 - 12
Individual + Team Team


Equipment and the players are arranged as shown.
Players change their positions continuously in alphabetical order.
Perform the exercise on each side by turns.
Place plenty of extra balls behind Position A.

Description and Graphics

This soccer drill is all about the soccer specific movements, technical skills and cooperation between players. Players movements depend on the team-mates' action. 3 different progressions can be seen. (1-2; 3-4; 5-6) Player A starts the exercise with a short dribbling. That means Player B should move farther on and open space to the pass. Player B has to make a dicision: either turning with the ball to the directon of the attack or lay the ball back to Player A. If Player B receives the ball and dribbles towards Player C, it is a sign for Player C. Player C has to open space to the pass. After a short and quick dribbling and eye contact Player B passes the ball to Player C. Player C receives the ball behind the stick and dribbles at speed towards the wide stick. He makes a feint at the stick and shoots. Players change their positions. In case Player B lays the ball back (3) to Player A: after the first pass (2) Player C has to open space at the moment of the lay back (3) and if he decides to accelerate into the front of the stick Player C has to pass the ball direct to him with one touch. Player C dribbles at speed towards the middle positioned stick. In front of the stick he makes a feint and shoots on goal.

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Coaching points

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Set up

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