Opposite Direction

This complex soccer exercise focuses on developing cognitive abilities, head orientation, cooperation, rhythm, ball control and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Published: 09.12.2015.
Last updated: 26.05.2020.
Category: Soccer Drills - Soccer Dribbling Drills
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Age Age: 14 - 20+
Difficulty Difficulty: 5
Space Space: Quarter
Keeper Keeper: 0
Players Players: 14 - 16
Individual + Team Team


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Cones are used to mark a circle as shown.
Poles are placed in the corners of the playing field.
Four pairs are placed to the middle of the lines. Both players of the pairs are identified with different colors. In each pair one of the players has a ball. At least 6 players are placed in the circle with one ball. They are also wearing a jersey of a different color.

Description and Graphics

The soccer dribbling drill starts by the sign of the coach. The determined colored players of the pairs start to dribble to a determined direction. Others run to the other direction without a ball. When players with a ball reach the poles in the corner they have to make a determined feint in front of them and turn to continue with their movements. Players without a ball have to turn around the poles and run towards. Players outside have to "meet" at the poles and bypass each other at the same time. It is highly important.
Meanwhile, players in the middle combine with their ball and observe the outside players all over the exercise. When outside players leave the poles they ask a player from the middle to be able to pass their balls inside. After the pass they run towards and bypass the nextcoming pole without a ball. When the pass is taken inside player passes it back to the front of the player wearing a different color. So the players in pairs continuously change their roles. Players in the middle combine and keep their vision up to be able to help the changes outside.

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Set up

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