Accurate - Fast Combinations and 1v1

This soccer drill focuses on developing functional passing technique, agility and speed of the players.
The exercise also helps develop feinting skills and finishing under pressure.

Published: 21.09.2017.
Last updated: 14.02.2018.
Category: Soccer Drills - 1 v 1 Soccer Drills
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Age Age: 10 - 20+
Difficulty Difficulty: 3
Space Space: Quarter
Keeper Keeper: 2,3,4
Players Players: 8 - 20
Individual + Team Team


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Cones are used to mark the players' positions as shown. 
There are two areas in front of the goals. 
During the exercise the players change their positions in alphabetical order. When the player in Position 'F' finishes the action, he runs to the other sided Position 'A' to perform the exercise to the other direction.
Of course, this 1v1 soccer drill can be implemented in one area. 
In that case we can execute the tasks with 8-10 players.
The soccer drill is performed with two balls at the same time.

Description and Graphics

During the progression the 1v1 situation can only evolve between two players: Players 'A' and 'F'. The attacking and defending roles depend on the speed and the accurate execution of the combinations, besides the quickness of Player 'A'.
The progress begins from Positions 'A' on both sides at the same time. 
The coach gives a sign when the player in Position 'A' passes the ball to the player in Position 'B'. When player 'B' touches the ball, player 'A' can sprint straight forward in the middle. It's very important that player 'A' can only start his movement when player 'B' gets the ball. Players in position 'B' - 'C' - 'D' -'E' and 'F' have to combine in a zig-zag way as shown. The combinations must be so quick and fast that player 'A' cannot intercept the ball. 

There are three options:

1. Player 'A' intercepts the ball before Player 'F' gets it. In this case Player 'A' becomes attacker and Player 'F' is the defender in front of the goal.
2. Player 'A' is not able to catch the ball and Player 'F' gets it from Player in Position 'E'. In this case Player 'F' is the attacker and Player 'A' is the defender in front of the goal.
3. The ball leaves the field. In this case the exercise ends and the players change their positions.

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Coaching points

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Set up

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