Duel for Three Goals (Free)

This one-on-one exercise focuses on finishing skills under pressure, functional technique, agility, transition and competitiveness.

Published: 15.06.2015.
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Age Age: 10 - 20+
Difficulty Difficulty: 3
Space Space: Quarter
Keeper Keeper: 1,2
Players Players: 8 - 14
Individual + Team Team



Cones, goals and sticks are placed as shown. Distances should be considered and created adequately to the given age group.

Players change their positions continuously between Positions A and B after every performed exercise. Players in Position C are marked with different colors and they change their positions and roles periodically.

Description and Graphics

The 1v1 exercise starts from PlayerA at the coach's sign. Player A passes the ball to Player C. Player C can decide the time he turns with the ball. Player C can pass the  ball back to Player A every time or receives the ball and turns around one of the chosen red sticks. Player A has to stay in position as long as Player C passes the ball back to him. As soon as Player C receives the ball Player A sprints and tries to intercept the ball from Player C. After shooting on goal Player B serves a ball to Player A.Player C becomes a defender and tries to win the ball from Player A. Player A has to score into on of the small goals. Player A can't ask the ball from Player B and has to follow Player C until Player C finishes his action.

See In Download In  Duel for Three Goals

Duel for Three Goals

See In Download In  Duel for Three Goals

Duel for Three Goals

See In Download In  Duel for Three Goals

Duel for Three Goals

Coaching points

  • Take the 1v1 exercise competitive
  • Speed of the execution
  • Finishing against the keeper under the pressure of the defender
  • Closing shooting angles while defending
  • Motivation of the defender is essential
  • Changing pace with and without the ball
  • Quick transition
  • Stop the exercise and correct mistakes when needed
  • Take care of enough resting periods and extra balls
  • Modify the distances when needed

Set up

Number of Players: 8 - 14
Repetitions: 3 - 6
Series: 2 - 4
Time: 10 - 30
Intensity: 100 %


  • Small Cones: 6
  • Poles: 2
  • Goals: 1
  • Portable Goals: 2

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