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1v1 Decision Making and Reaction

Goal: This 1v1 soccer drill focuses on decision making, vision, reaction and initiative attacking attitude.

Goal: This 1v1 soccer drill focuses on decision making, vision, reaction and initiative attacking attitude.


10 - 20+







Individual/ Team





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Players work in pairs and compete with each other (Position A and B). They change their positions and roles after each completed exercise.
There are two server players with balls.
Cones, sticks and small goals are placed as shown on the graphics.
Distances and the size of the area must be considered and created according to the given age-group and the players' abilities.

Description and Graphics

Player A starts the soccer exercise by dribbling the ball towards the red cones in front. He has to pass over the line of the cones, then plays the ball to Player B who has to receive it in the square. Player B can decide in which direction to leave the square. He can move and change direction within the small area but he cannot turn back, when he is already outside. While Player B is dribbling the ball out of the square, Player A has to react and sprint to the other sided server to ask for a ball from him. After passing the ball back to the server, Player A turns around the stick and sprints to defend against Player B. After Player B leaves out the square, he has to dribble around the stick on the same side, then he tries to score into one of the small goals.

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