FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013. (FREE)

Warm Up


FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 1

Goalkeepers begin the warm up process 35 minutes before the kick off. They prepare for the game with their goalkeeper coach.

The field players of FC Barcelona arrive 5 minutes later.
They perform light jogging and easy movements with and without the ball at first.


FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 2

Players make different gymnastic exercises to warm-up their muscles and joints.
One of the coaches controls the movements.


FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 3

In the third part of warming-up players implement basic athletic movements with the leading of a coach in a determined area signing by cones.
Intensity is raised continuously.


FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 4

After the athletic movements players stretch their main muscles.


FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 5

After the static stretching players always perform dynamic movements to stretch the muscles.


FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 6

High intensity athletic movements and runs are executed in the determined area.
After that players make dynamic stretching in one minute.


FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 7

Low and areal balls are performed in different distances.
Players implement the movements at low intensity.

This part is the longest period of the pre-game warm up, it takes almost 10 minutes.



FC BARCELONA 11.12.2013.. 8

Players perform 4 short distance sprints after different starting body positions.
This is the last physical activity of the preparation for the game.

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