More About Soccer Training Programs

The practical methodology, the well-planned sessions including the exercises used during the trainings are not the only but one of the very important parts of the work of a successful soccer coach. Only those coaches can become successful who are precise and who devote time and energy to plan the trainings.

Planning the session correctly, help the coach identify the team’s needs, develop the playing style, observe and control the players' development. It’s very important that the football coaches’ aims must be in harmony with the players’ abilities. For this reason, the sessions must be counted and planned according to the particular age-group, the football players' technical - tactical skills and cognitive abilities.

In this category you find well-planned, innovative soccer training programs, which consist of 3 to 6 football drills put together for certain coaching goals. According to your aims you can choose from football trainings of variable levels from simple training sessions to more complex ones, which focus on for example:

  • developing the functional dribbling, receiving and passing skills
  • teaching the correct angles and timing of supporting movements, developing the possession, and the soccer players' cooperation while combining
  • improving defending cooperation, pressing the player in possession, supporting, shifting and closing down the deep passing channels
  • developing functional 1v1 attacking, defending and finishing skills and helps the players to become more confident and initiative in 1v1 game situations
  • innervating different tactical movements and practising build-up play, and various combinations in different formations, etc.

Just follow the detailed instructions, build the soccer exercises easily in your everyday trainings and check the evolution of your players' development in all aspects.

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