More About Individual Soccer Trainings

It is very important that football players (independently of age-groups, but mainly the young like u8, u10, u12) take the opportunity to develop their technical skills and improve their mobility when they haven't got training session with their own team. The soccer players should spare time for practising on weekends, on holidays or when they have a free time during the day.

To be a top player, it is essential to work hard and polish the technical skills, develop coordination, speed, etc., and learn the main individual tactics systematically. To sum up briefly, the individual football training allows the football players to improve different skills and get essential knowledge which cannot be focused on team training, but determinative factors of the development.

Ball Mastery is such an important field, since it’s one of the basics of all soccer skills, as the key to the ability to:

  • familiarize the ball and make gentle contact
  • receive the ball along the ground and in the air
  • control and manipulate the ball in different directions
  • be able to strike and pass the ball with all surfaces
  • learn feints and unpredictable movements
  • train the week foot and be able to use it effectively, etc.

No matter how old your players are or what level they play, it’s never too late to teach them and improve their game. In Individual Soccer Training category you can find some Ball Mastery video contents from simple to high level, which ensure the persistent development of your soccer players.

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