More About 1v1 Soccer Drills

One of the most important elements of contemporary and modern soccer is 1v1 situations. Thus, they have a crucial role in winning a football match. In situations characterised by the restricted area and the speedy play the players have to make appropriate decisions quickly in both defending and attacking situations. It requires much practise of 1 v 1 soccer drills to innervate good decisions which cannot be completed without tasks focusing on personal development.


Here you can find a huge number of 1v1 football drills involving a wide range of variations from the simplest to the more complex ones, which have a huge impact on the players’ personal development, as by improving the solution of the man to man fight, and the individual defensive and offensive situations. By this means, the football players:


  • can be confident in 1v1 situations
  • can feature the initiative attitude while attacking
  • can choose the optimal solution for 1v1 in defensive and offensive situations
  • can perform the appropriate individual defending technique
  • can perform deceptive movements and body fakes with or without the ball in offensive play
  • can be tough in man to man fights
  • can cover the ball against the defender
  • can be creative in 1v1 situations
  • can be cool-headed against the goalkeeper

Build our soccer exercises in your training sessions already tomorrow, and check how your soccer players will solve the situational tasks in 1v1 games.

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